Thursday, February 2, 2012

Football, food and friends!

I have to take a moment and do a little (virtual) victory dance! Yesterday when I got home from work I jumped on the scale and for the first time in 3 years it was actually my friend-it reported a weight to me that I haven’t seen in 3 years. I’ve finally broken through the wall I’ve been trying to climb over for the last several years. Elated, excited, jazzed….the list could go on and on but it still wouldn’t describe how I felt yesterday for that moment in time when my scale and I agreed to be friends.

What’s so funny about this update is that it 100% reinforces my post from yesterday about how when we see change we become more motivated than before. That number popping up on my scale (while I still have a ways to go) reinforced in me that I can do this. I can win. I can beat that scale-it doesn’t decide who I am-I do!

In fact, as we get closer and closer to Sunday, a day each year that people, whether they are football fans or not, gather around the TV to watch, I feel more motivated to stay on track and not let one day win. The wallpaper on my iPhone currently says: “Remember: Fat lasts longer than flavor!” Maybe it’s the football, maybe it’s the half time entertainment, maybe it’s the commercials, or maybe it’s just the socialization and the snacks they came for. Whatever the reason, millions of people will gather. They will bring food. They will stuff their faces. They will wake up on Monday and wonder “why did I eat all that food.” Not this girl. I’m still not exactly sure what our plans are, they may actually include a super low key evening where the hubs and I stay in and watch the game by ourselves, but whatever they are they will definitely not include loads and loads of foods that will tempt me and cause me to question myself. Once again, thanks to my favorite website, I’m armed with several yummy recipes that will be GREAT for the big game. What are your plans? Have you taken the time to think through your weekend and make plans for you? If you are going to a party, are you taking a snack that you know will help you stick to your goals?

Here are a few links to some super yummy ideas if you need some help:

For loads of other meal ideas go to to check out her recipes!

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