Thursday, February 2, 2012

Football, food and friends!

I have to take a moment and do a little (virtual) victory dance! Yesterday when I got home from work I jumped on the scale and for the first time in 3 years it was actually my friend-it reported a weight to me that I haven’t seen in 3 years. I’ve finally broken through the wall I’ve been trying to climb over for the last several years. Elated, excited, jazzed….the list could go on and on but it still wouldn’t describe how I felt yesterday for that moment in time when my scale and I agreed to be friends.

What’s so funny about this update is that it 100% reinforces my post from yesterday about how when we see change we become more motivated than before. That number popping up on my scale (while I still have a ways to go) reinforced in me that I can do this. I can win. I can beat that scale-it doesn’t decide who I am-I do!

In fact, as we get closer and closer to Sunday, a day each year that people, whether they are football fans or not, gather around the TV to watch, I feel more motivated to stay on track and not let one day win. The wallpaper on my iPhone currently says: “Remember: Fat lasts longer than flavor!” Maybe it’s the football, maybe it’s the half time entertainment, maybe it’s the commercials, or maybe it’s just the socialization and the snacks they came for. Whatever the reason, millions of people will gather. They will bring food. They will stuff their faces. They will wake up on Monday and wonder “why did I eat all that food.” Not this girl. I’m still not exactly sure what our plans are, they may actually include a super low key evening where the hubs and I stay in and watch the game by ourselves, but whatever they are they will definitely not include loads and loads of foods that will tempt me and cause me to question myself. Once again, thanks to my favorite website, I’m armed with several yummy recipes that will be GREAT for the big game. What are your plans? Have you taken the time to think through your weekend and make plans for you? If you are going to a party, are you taking a snack that you know will help you stick to your goals?

Here are a few links to some super yummy ideas if you need some help:

For loads of other meal ideas go to to check out her recipes!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Looking for loss helps you find motivation

Why is it that we don’t become motivated until we see change? I was recently reading an article in which someone quoted Dr. Phil (no, I don’t watch or pay much attention to the man, but what he said was pretty interesting) as saying, “we often wait to ‘get motivated’ to do something (like lose weight) when instead we should just do it. Once we do, and lose a little bit of weight, we suddenly feel very motivated and empowered to succeed.” I have to say, this has never been more a testament to my daily life than it is now. While there are other factors paying tribute to my motivation (the hubs and I are going on a 10 day vacation in April that includes a 7 day cruise in the Caribbean as well as the fact that on that cruise, hopefully, we are going to start trying) seeing that little bit of loss in the last few weeks has me riding that motivation train for sure.

My biggest struggle in the last 3 years with trying to get back in sync with Weight Watchers has been my inability to really track like I should. I’d have a great week here, a not so great week there, reign it back in for another decent week, and then be off the wagon completely the next. During my first attempt at Weight Watchers I had this drive for tracking. Every time I ate something I felt so chaotic about it until I’d written it down. It plagued my every thought-why have you written it down, don’t forget you already had this many points…. Somehow, with my most recent attempt at Weight Watchers I seem to have rediscovered that drive. I have been back on plan since December 27th and I have tracked every bite. I’ve planned out my meals/weekly menus. I’ve weighed and measured my food. I’ve squeezed in workouts here and there. I’ve given up fried foods and soda. Where has this diligence been the last 3 years? Where ever it’s been, I’m beyond ecstatic that it’s found its way back to me.

Adding to my excitement is my recent discovery of my absolutely favorite blog out there:! Michael and I have been using her recipes for the last 2 weeks and I gotta say she knows her stuff! We haven’t tried one thing we haven’t adored. Her recipes are super yummy, filling, beyond easy to prepare, healthy, super fresh tasting, and best of all, already have the points calculated for me! What a win win! If you haven’t visited the site, do it!

There is no time like the present to make a change. There is definitely no reason in waiting around to get started! One of my favorite pins on Pinterest (another of my absolute favorite sites on the web) was a photo that said, “The summer is almost here, and I’m going to be skinny. Maybe not as skinny as I’d like to be but better off than I am today!” So true, it’s the baby steps. I will definitely be smaller during the summer than I am today, and that helps me keep my eye on the prize! And, if that isn’t motivation enough, think about this: someone busier than you just finished a workout. If they can do it, so can we!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Triumph over the holidays

What is the deal with the holidays and over indulgence? Every time you turn around someone is presenting you with a new sweet treat. Cookies in the office kitchen, elegant dessert spreads at the young couples gathering at church, cookies and cakes during office lunches. Sadly, it’s not just the holidays. When we get together with friends we meet for dinner or we go out for ice cream. We even take people food when they have babies or are recovering from an illness. Why is it that food is the way we express our joy, excitement, love, or whatever emotion the occasion calls for? Why don’t we get together to go for walks? Why don’t we meet at the gym? Why don’t we just get together to play games and hangout-without food? No wonder so many people-myself for sure included-struggle with their weight, and the adventure of losing it. Food is everywhere. This holiday season I vow to take control over myself and not get so bogged down and overwhelmed with the food. I don’t need the cookie in the conference room. I don’t need the brownies sweet Mrs. Johnson baked. I need to continue down the pathway set before me that is my journey to a healthier me. I need to drop several, okay lots, of pounds to ensure that my body is in the best place health wise when Michael and I start trying to have a baby. No one can lose this weight for me and certainly no one is going to carry that baby for me either! Nope, it’s all up to me. [Now if only I can get my enormous sweet tooth on board this motivation train!] I’ve been going strong with this Turbo Fire/ChaLEAN extreme workout journey. I’ve been watching what I eat-although I haven’t been as strict as I should be. However, as of Tuesday I am tracking weight watchers points-using the old system-and trying to get that under control too. Another thing I vow to do during this holiday season- and really for a period even longer than that-is to put away my scale. Why is it that we “measure” our self-worth based on that number? That number doesn’t determine who I am. It doesn’t control the person I want to be. But somehow it manages to weasel its way into my every thought. Today I was up, yesterday I was down, and tomorrow I’ll be the same. It’s a never ending, vicious cycle. Well, no more. I’m putting it away. I do not need that stupid, petty, unfriendly piece of glass to tell me who I am. I’m going to continue working hard, eating right, and making sure that the choices I’m making are choices that will make me healthier. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I’ll indulge in a cookie here, a slice of cake there-I am after all a woman! However, I’m not going to feel guilty about those choices, because I am doing extremely intense workouts and making healthy food choices at all other times. I mean, this is a lifestyle change and let’s be real honest, what is a life without a sweet here and there? But, that also doesn’t mean I need it every day, even every other day. In moderation, right? I mean, the end all goal of this is a healthier me. A healthier me so I can create an environment as healthy as possible for our future baby to grow in. What better motivation could there be? I just need to keep my “eye on the prize” and not be so focused on the “results.” I know that change is coming-I’ve seen small glimpses of it already. And I know, even though I can’t seem to muster up those thoughts when I’m standing on the scale, thatchange doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a slow, steady race, one that this time around I’m going to WIN! So, Holiday season, you will not beat me. I will remain strong. I will continue to push through my workouts. And next month when you’ve left us, I will not feel guilty because you defeated me. I will WIN!